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Along my personal journey out of the despair of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), I was met with many people who had plenty of negativity, doctors who had no answers or information, and obstacles that I just didn't see a way around.

On top of all that I was struggling with internal questions like who I am now, how do I fit back into society, and how do I get a life back that I can be happy in. I read all the self help books I could, did all the natural healing I could find and yet I still felt like I was drowning in my darkness.

​What I realized is the more I searched and really relied on what I could do, the better things started to get and the universe started bringing people into my life that could help me on this journey.

Sharing Lessons Learned

from my journey out of darkness to healing, happiness, and empowerment.

​I want to be that help for you because what I have come to understand as truth is whether it is a TBI or some other life altering event, the path out all starts at the same place, WITHIN YOU! Being a TBI survivor and a transgender man I know a few things about how to navigate life's big transitions.

​I have been able to learn key tools, exercises and systems to help others find that resilience within that they think is gone or never knew they had. I can teach you to turn that resilience into your greatest asset in your life.

It becomes the life key to profound transformation that not only helps you thrive in ways you never thought you could but empowers you to be able to meet any adversity with a infinite knowing that you can overcome anything.

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